Clan battle against D4rk

Posted: November 9, 2012 by jonnybrutus in Uncategorized

D4rK vs RAW< Nov.9 2012

This friday
8pm (Florida Time). The final Roster me fly,dbzdude jade,KIAzomt3h and Brandon.If KIA can Not go zues will sub and If I can’t go Matt will sub.Good luck to everyone,play smart, stick together, communicate,tell your fellow members of whose behind you like call their name out and least ALL ABOUT TIMING.And if you guy’s want to post pone it I can always do.But were RAW< so lets SPILL BLOOD.Another thing don’t play with your emotions cause anger will fuck you up trust me It’ll just mess with your game play.

(*TIP*)Try to shoot them before meleeing them that’s only if your not close enough.And if you see your team mate killing that person and don’t need help don’t steal his kill but if he’s struggling with that person help out however have his back for the next person behind him or somewhere.

(*Conan* will not play this battle.)

if possiable aviod the close battles with them no glitching because if do dbz is leaving and they will glitch us and were not going to win that battle

bottom line KIAzomb3tch

  1. wavykid says:

    Good Luck RAW

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