About us

I created this website for ps3/Alliance to share,help,tip,and most of all for fun for everybody.So please be kind and respectful to others.As we still keep in touch everyday and hope this website gets bigger as it is.While we can’t play at the same time we encounter new gamers that are willing to join us,so recruit if he/she are really good and tell them your Leader is Jonathan known as Lethal_WeaponX3 and your Co.leader is chris known as KIAzomt3h and for Admin is philipp know as dbzdude.Me and chris put up this clan up together and decided to merge clans and came up with the name RAW<hope you guy’s like.So far there’s is 17 members,some left,another went back to his old clan or just clan hoppers (*Hokage Swage*).Hopefully we continue to grow as Whole and to be a force not to be reckoned with in Crysis community.Thank you.

  1. nightlifeem3 says:

    good shit bro awsome

  2. kiazomb3tch says:

    hello boys now were in business now we go get membs from FB bring here and people that do not want to make a facebook can join here

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