Feel free to saying anything that comes in your mind tips ,advice ,help or whatever.A Crysis 2 Clan which focuses on friendship, fun and dedication. Of course only for high experienced players!..Reminder traders will get banned from this website so as the facebook clan page and if you didn’t know there’s is a facebook page for RAW<.

  1. brandonaraya says:

    How we post pics?

    • jonnybrutus says:

      go on media click add new,select which file your going pick,then it’s going to load up under the bottom then you go on pages click the title of gallery,after that you click the upload insert picture camera thing and you should have it from there or you could just watch the youtube 2 part of how you a make a free website,very easy.

  2. KIAzomb3tch says:

    brandon is gone

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